“For close to 27 years I was living a misguided journey to find the truth and answer regarding a long lost loved one. This journey was long, painful, and often times emotionally draining. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel never seemed within reach, It was the love of a Father that I chased, days as a young girl I would dream about the day I would finally hug my Father. I would be lieing if I didnt say my hopes dwindled at times and giving up on the journey seemed like a real option. On a whim, and what most likely would have been my one last ditch effort, I invested into the services of a PI. From the very onset, I was assured the process would be painless and that I would be walked with a helping hand from start to finish. Catherine kept the communication lines open and I was consistently briefed on all developments with the case. Catherine was professional and cordial and her confidence in her ability really instilled a sense of comfort in me. I will never forget the day I received that phone call from Catherine in which she informed me that my journey was a phone call away from closure. She had found my Father, ending a quarter century of anguish, heartache, and hopelessness. For it not have been for the services of Catherine, my life long hope and belief that he was out there would have remained a dream. I am indebted to Catherine for all the love and memories she has afforded me with my long, lost Dad!”

– Kandice Cousineau


“For anyone searching for family, searching for answers..do it with out fear..because ‘you can’t find peace..until you find all the pieces”!!..We were SO BLESSED and so fortunate to have found our sister, my Mother’s daughter, after over 50 years!!..What a blessing and to now have found her and have all the answers for all of us, has brought so much peace and so much belief. This company is amazing, and compassionate, and within days, we had our family member in our lives. It is a process that does require you to hold faith, and trust that whatever answers you find, it still brings closure. We have been so blessed to have a very happy ending, and although some do not, to at least know you tried, and even if it does not bring you to the conclusion at times, that are wished for, there is nothing better than finding all your pieces..thank you SO MUCH Continental Investigation Bureau for giving us this precious gift, thank you Catherine Beals!!

Lisa Djordjevic


“Continental Investigation Bureau found the missing piece to my grandma’s heart, she found her daughter that has been apart from her over 50 years…Rebel Anne 🙂 thank you so much for helping my family re-unite, such a blessing xoxo

Anything is possible with the right people, thoughts, and hard work! I recommend this service to everyone!!”

– Kimber Lee