Pre-Relationship Screening

Warning Signs

You fall in love and you get married.  The next thing you know the guy has other wives or he has a criminal history or he’s ripped people off for years!  It’s a sad, sad thing to take something beautiful like love and turn it into something tragic.

In Florida, there are  high percentage of retirees, many of whom are widowed or divorced.  They may have a business up north.  They come home with considerable assets.  They buy a condo.  They meet someone and fall in love.  God bless them,  may we all fall in love again, someday.  When you meet someone, ask “Do they want me or do the want my money.”


People lie most about whether they are married.  They lie about their occupation, their education, and their financial worth.  This information can be discovered or confirmed by running our Extensive Background Check.

Before a person gets involved, they should want to know:  Is this person married with five kids hidden away somewhere?  Financially, are they well-off?  Vagueness, Evasiveness: These traits tip you off.  The manifestation of either of these less-than-desirable attributes should alert you to at least the possibility of deception.

Suspicion:  One of Mother Nature’s most overlooked and underrated defense mechanisms is suspicion, which manifests itself strongest when one perceives one is being lied to. If you suspect something is wrong, something is probably wrong.

Continental Investigation Bureau will put your mind at ease by running our Extensive Background Check.