W.S.I.B. and Insurance Claims Injury Investigations

Like the insurance industry, the Workplace Safety Insurance Board claim is an area that is subject to abuse and fraud by employees.  Corporate clients, Municipal government clients and small business have all had employees that abuse this Employment Insurance Benefit. These frauds cause companies monetary loss in time, large surcharges and safety ratings.

Continental Investigation Bureau has developed a WSIB procedure for clients that do not presently have such a protocol in place when an accident or injury is reported in the workplace.

Where the employer has reasonable grounds to believe that an employee who has commenced a W.S.I.B. claim is abusing the claim or committing fraud, Continental Investigation Bureau’s team will conduct a professional and detailed investigation with surveillance to obtain evidence of suspected abuse.  We have a strict code of ethics we follow.  Any digital evidence will be provided along with a written Kinesiology’s report if requested.